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[Architecture] Toronto’s New Residential Towers by Frank Gehry

June 26, 2013 • Hype
The rise of Toronto’s skyline has had a meteoric rise since the 1990’s and it’s showing no signs of slowing down with this new residential project designed by legendary Toronto-born architect Frank Motherfucking Gehry. The three towers will be 82 to 86 storeys tall and they’re definitely going to be unique, visually stunning and a new landmark for Canada’s biggest city. The silky towers are located in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district and will also be home to an art gallery and the Ontario College of Art & Design.



“Toronto has grown to look like every other screwed-up city” says Frank Gehry, who actually grew up in the Ontarian metropolis. Gehry’s partner Craig Webb explains : “It’s pretty rare to have three buildings at this scale. It’s something we haven’t done before. The three individual expressions emerge from a cloud-like podium. We don’t want to create another dark glass tower; we want something silky and soft. We want lightness.”


Gehry adds: ” We’re searching for that way of expressing old Toronto without copying what they did. It’s not hard to do a skyscraper; but how do you do one that has some Toronto DNA in it? I lived not far from the site. I remember the warehouses. It was the industrial section where the factories were. But we need to bring a new kind of life down there.”

As someone who lives in Montreal, seeing Toronto getting this new marvelous landmark makes me go all Steve Carrell but at the same time I can’t be mad. Frank Gehry is one of the greatest architects of the 20th and 21st century and he deserves to leave a massive, gigantic stamp on his hometown (he also redesigned the Art Gallery of Ontario a couple of years ago).

A side by side look of the current state of the block (on the right) and the new Gehry Towers on the left. The  towers are going to replace a couple of old warehouses and a theatre.

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