Monday, April 1, 2013

[Music] Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (G.Vump Remix)

G.Vump is the duo made up of Brodinski and Guillame from The Shoes. Here's their latest remix by re-editing Cashmere Cat's "Mirror Maru". Sounds great! The remix from the "Mirror Maru Remixes EP" which drops tomorrow, April 2nd 2013. 

Also on a side note, Soundcloud introduced the "dropometer" where they show you the exact spot of the drop, which in this case isn't even remotely close. I guess it's a work in progress though.


G.Vump est le duo Reimois composé de Brodinski et Guillaume du groupe "The Shoes". Voici leur remix pour le morceaux "Mirror Maru" par Cashmere Cat! Excellent remix par le duo. Le morceaux provient du "Mirror Maru Remixes EP" qui sort dès demain, le 2 Avril 2013.

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