Friday, March 29, 2013

[Photography] Boogie

Vladimir Milivojevich who is only known as Boogie made our "cover photo of the week" on our Facebook page. I'll make this as clear as possible, Boogie isn't one of my favorite photographers out there, he IS my favorite photographer of all time. So when it was my turn to select the cover photo of the week, there wasn't a doubt who I'd choose to grace the cover of our page. His style is raw and showcases extreme courage to just show up to some gangbangers and crackheads' door and randomly ask them to shoot them. Boogie has published five books over time, with his most famous one being "It's All Good". How famous and coveted is that book? Well, it's being sold for over a $1,000 on Amazon right now...yeah. I believe Boogie has returned to live in his hometown of Belgrade now after living and working in NYC for a while. We strongly recommend you to check out his boogie photo blog which he updates quite frequently! He has worked on campaigns for Nike, The New York Yankees and created the intro and stills for HBO's "How To Make It In America" show which you view after the french text.

Our Photo Cover of the Week


Notre photographe de la semaine est nul autre qu'un de nos photographes préférés de tout les temps, le seul et unique Boogie. Le photographe Serbe a connu du succès international lorsqu'il a déménagé à New York et avait le courage de s'infiltrer dans la vie des crackheads et des gangs de rues de New York. À travers le temps, il a publié cinq livres dont son plus connu "It's All Good". Il a travaillé sur des campagnes pour Nike, les New York Yankees, l'émission "How To Make It In America" de HBO et plusieurs autres.

L'introduction de l'émission "How To Make It In America" par Boogie.


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