Monday, March 11, 2013

[Art] Jim'll Paint It

"Please paint me Mr. Blobby having his mugshot taken in a police station having clearly been involved in a physical altercation. Meanwhile, Noel Edmonds is dressed in ladies lingerie and is giving a statement to a police officer that resembles Captain Jack Sparrow. There are empty Dr. Pepper cans everywhere."

Yes. You just read that right. And saw that as well. It's one of many suggestions people on the internet made to Paint artist Jim. He opened his Tumblr Jim'll Paint It last month and the hype builded pretty quickly even getting him an article on The Guardian. It's probably due to the fact that he fulfills the most random requests ever. Here's some of them!
L'artiste Paint (oui, Paint)Jim fait pas mal jasé de lui ces temps-ci. Même que The Guardian a écrit un article sur son travail. Son Tumblr Jim'll Paint It, ouvert depuis à peine un mois et comme son nom l'indique, se veut un espace de proposition/création. Les internautes suggèrent des idées généralement hyper loufoques et Jim la met en images à l'aide du logiciel Microsoft Paint. Ça parait simple, mais les résultats sont hautement "complexes". En voici quelques uns. 

 "Please paint me a scene where Jesus bursts into Hitler’s bunker smoking a cigar and riding a T-Rex, while firing a Thompson machine gun with one hand and holding sticks of dynamite with the other, robes flowing, winking and smiling. And at the same time the BTTF2 DeLorean has crashed into the bunker wall with Ash from Evil Dead II out the car shotgunning and chainsawing Nazis who speak in Commando comic German (Gott in himmel etc) and chopping through Nazi Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise"

"Please paint me a picture of Ted Danson and a Ted Danson lookalike. They’re covered in bruises after getting into a fight over who the real Ted Danson is. They’ve made friends now though and are posing for a photograph at the chicken rave where they’ve been for a night out. Moira Stewart its standing behind them, looking on disapprovingly."

"Please paint me the Stay Puft marshmallow man losing a game of mousetrap with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (who happens to be on fire) while Face from The A Team arrives on a pigeon dressed in leopard print Y-fronts and wedding veil, all this is taking place on the moon. "

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