Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[Video] Wale Getting Dissed By Raptors Play-by-Play Commentator Matt Devlin

This is absolutely hilarious. Wale was talking trash to Raptors forward Rudy Gay who was talking back at the rapper. During the telecast, Toronto Raptors play-by-play commentator Matt Devlin took shots at Wale emphasizing that he's a "local" rapper and making fun of his name by over-pronounciating the "ay" part of his moniker and mentioning that "he's no Drake, that's for sure". To be honest, the Drake comment got me weak but the story doesn't end there, it gets better. I'm guessing the viewers from Toronto and Canada in general were tweeting to Wale about Devlin's comments. And next thing you know, Wale is next to their booth yelling shit at them. Check out the picture below captured by J.E. Skeets. The fact that he went from courtside to all the way up there to confront them is fucking gold. This is why the internet was created, so we can view and know these random stories.

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