Monday, February 4, 2013

[Video] Macklemore's NBA All-Star Game Promo

The NBA All-Star Game is fast approaching with this year's edition being held in Houston. So it's kinda normal that we're seeing some promos and hype being thrown around a couple of weeks before the festivities. It also comes as no surprise that the NBA have chosen Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to promote their event through a song and music video. Before I go on, I would like to specify that I'm an NBA fan and love the All-Star Game. I would also like to add that I don't particularly care for Macklemore's music because I deem it quite cheesy but I totally get why the NBA would like to have the "it guy" to promote their event.

HOWEVER, this promo is absolutely indefensible for both the NBA and Macklemore himself. How the fuck, can the NBA choose the track "Wings" as the promo song and even more amazingly, how the fuck can Macklemore and Ryan Lewis accept to completely censor their own track and flip the core message/essence of their song into the complete opposite for some money and visibility.

For those who don't know, "WINGS" is basically an anti-materialism/consumerism song and everything that's got to do with the NBA glorifying their star players and sneakers which has caused the murders and beat downs of plenty of people for their shoes. The original track tries to showcase everything that's wrong with trying to be the cool kid with the latest sneakers and having a false sense of self-esteem for trying to be "like Mike" (Jordan that is). I don't see the lyric "and then my friend Carlos' brother got murdered for his IV's" appearing in the promo for the All-Star Game. Actually, all I'm hearing is actually how fucking great it is to aspire to be like the pros and having all their gear. Check out the original "WINGS" track and video below.

I don't get why the people working at the NBA have chosen this song, it doesn't make sense. Macklemore has a pretty big following and did they really believe that no one would notice the complete censorship of this track? It all seems pretty evil and creepy to be honest. There's literally of a shit load of other tracks that would've been a better fit for this promo and somehow they managed to still completely fuck it up. I'm still going to watch the game and the NBA in general, though.

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