Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Video Interview] OFFICIAL HYPE w/ A Tribe Called Red

We got the great opportunity to talk with A Tribe Called Red at the unique outdoor winter festival Igloofest in Montreal. The Ottawa based trio of aboriginal producers/DJs are the innovators behind the highly acclaimed "Pow Wow Step" sound which blends traditional aboriginal "pow wow" music with a more modern, urban and contemporary sound. Bear Witness, DJ Shub and DJ NDN are the men behind the moniker and they're really awesome dudes that know how to have a good time (pause).

In the interview, they talk about how they each contribute to the creative process of ATCR, they precise what came first in their musical lives (aboriginal music or contemporary music) and the whereabouts of the origin of "Pow Wow Step". They also express their thoughts on the ongoing Idle No More movement and the track they gave to the cause entitled "The Road". And lastly, they express how they feel about the current Canadian government and what they would say to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper if they had the chance.

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