Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Music Video] Baauer - Harlem Shake (Azealia Banks Remix)

While the craze of the Harlem Shake is taking over the internet as we know it, Azealia Banks is going crazy over her remix of the track being taken down by the originator of the track itself, Baauer. Why? Cause the producer took it down. Why? Cause she wrote it was an original. The explanation of Baauer was simple : "It's simply not yours". And then Queen Azealia went ape shit just like a 4 years old getting her favorite taken away for misbehaving. Apparently, she didn't give a damn and decided to even post a video of the track (which, at least this time, had credit so they might have just settled things). Head over to Do Androids Dance to see all the tweets Baauer and Azealia exchanged ; it's a legit laugh.

Here's the original : 

And Azealia's:

That's not very nice.

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