Friday, April 13, 2012

[Music Video] Sebastien Tellier - Cochon Ville (NSFW)

Here's the NSFW music video for Sebastien Tellier's Cochon Ville. As you can imagine, it got removed from youtube pretty quickly but luckily vimeo is awesome. The track is from his "My God Is Blue" album which drops pretty soon.

[Art] 40,000 Rockets Blast in MOCA Event

To open his "Sky Ladder" exhibition, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang blasted 40 000 rockets from the walls of the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in L.A. He called this event "Mystery Circle: Explosion Event for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles". "Sky Ladder" will be on view from April 8th to July 30th. I can only imagine the awesome feeling of pressing that button that creates a shit load of havoc and controlled chaos for a limited time.

[Music Video] Voltaire Twins - Young Adult

Voltaire Twins whom we had indirectly featured before through the excellent remix of Moullinex released recently the visuals for their heartful track and it turned out to be a well executed feel good vid'.The track is now available for FREE on their website so have a look!

[Music] Prince Innocence ft. Deniro Farrar - Girls

An interesting track featuring Canadian pop synth duo Prince Innocence and Charlotte, NC rapper Deniro Farrar. This is pretty dope, we don't have much to add besides the awesome fact that you can download the track for free. Hopefully these two will collaborate together once more in the near future.

[Music] Breakbot - Programme

Check out this funkylicious single by the electro master of disco Breakbot! This track will be featured on his upcoming first full lenght album 'By Your Side' available in September! Check it out!


[Music Video] Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner

Marathon Runner a music video filled with nothing really coherent but that's all right. The somewhat odder, the better. The track is performed by NYC trio Yellow Ostrich and is from their "Strange Land" album which is currently available on iTunes. If you enjoyed the track, the band is offering a free download which you can get right here.

[Video] The Creators Project: AraabMUZIK

Here's a nice little interview with AraabMUZIK as part of The Creators Project. "If it wasn't for the MPC, I don't know what I would be doing right now".

[Music Video] tUnE-yArDs - My Country

The extravagantly energetic band Tune-Yards released the visuals for their single 'My Country' : it was made to make people smile! Check it out!

[Music] XXYYXX - Mystify EP

Yesterday we posted about this 16 year old producer from Orlando named XXYYXX. Well, here's his latest and just released six track EP entitled "Mystify". You can download it in its entirety for free right here.

[Photos] 'Echo' by Perttu Saksa

This series of photographs by Perttu Saksa is pretty disturbing. He photographed old weathered down stuffed apes... and that's it : check the pictures on his website!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Video] Webhelp Commercial

Now this is a very funny and well executed ad. If you don't understand French I'll break it down for you. A couple are riding their tandem bicycle when they hit a rough patch. The man says "Watch out Stepha-"(as in Stephanie) and as you can figure out it's not the woman's name. She asks him "How you did call you me?" while the man is looking for a way to get out of this predicament, a woman pops up from the ground and whispers some unintelligible advice. As the woman on the bike is about to turn around to ask him again "how did you call me?", the man is talking aggressively to "Stephanie" on the phone, a co-worker of his and he tells her that they'll discuss about the issue on Monday. The woman on the bike drops her question from there. As they continue to bike, the man adds "Stephanie is driving me crazy, she calls me at every little problem". Webhelp is a company specializing in client consultations. As the couple bike off, it appears in text "Good advice can save a relationship".

[Video] Holi

Beautiful slow motion video of the holi festival of colors in India. Captured on a Phantom Flex camera by Jonathan Bregel and Khalid Mohtaseb of Variable.

[Music Video] Cadence Weapon - Conditioning

Cadence Weapon is a Canadian rapper from Edmonton, Alberta. Conditioning is from his "Hope in Dirt City" album which drops on May 29th and here are the visuals.

[Music Video] Fam-Lay - Skrung Owt

Well this is random, six years after the release of this single, Fam-Lay has decided to treat it to some visuals. The instrumentals was created by Pharell after he watched "The Shining" and was used by Tyler, The Creator in his track "Splatter".

[Video] Window Cleaners on The Empire State Building in 1938

To say these dudes were badass would be an understatement.

[Video] This Is How We DEW: Anthem

Here's Mountain Dew's latest commercial featuring Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Paul Rodriguez as well as Jason Aldean (country singer) and Dale Earnhardt Jr (Nascar driver) and others. Is the ad noteworthy? Barely. Besides the fact that this is most probably the first time I've seen a soft drink promoting their brand with "urban" and "country" stars in one ad. Will it help sell Mountain Dew in the short run? Most probably. Does the ad seem genuine? Nope.

[Music Video] Flux Pavilion - Daydreamer (ft. Example)

Flux Pavilion offers the visuals for his collaborative track with Example entitled Daydreamer. The video for the commercially appealing dubstep track features footage of partying crowds and of the duo performing. The track is available for pre-order on iTunes right now.

[Video] "Etoiles" by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz have released a short one minute movie promoting their brand. The ad is scored by french electronic producer Kavinsky and directed by Ludovic Houplain who did the awesome short animated film Logorama. "Etoiles" translates into "stars" in english and I'm not really sure what was the goal of Mercedes-Benz behind this project. Promote a younger, edgier company image to their clientele or is it just a video they hope the younger people will remember when they grow up to buy their shiny new Benz. Anyways, here it is. 

Houplain's Logorama is so dope we'll put it on this post as well.

[Video] Charlie Sheen Bavaria Lemon Ad

Charlie Sheen has proven in the last couple of months to have the ability to make good commercials. This is another one of them, poking fun at his alcoholism. Obviously this ad won't air in the United States but it will air in the awesome country of the Netherlands.

[Music] Frank Ocean - Whip Appel (SBTRKT remix)

SBTRKT's remix of Frank Ocean's Whip Appeal is pretty awesome.

[Audio] Lil B's NYU Lecture In Its Entirety

Lil B the Based God gave a lecture at NYU last night. Yes, Lil B gave a hour and a half lecture to college students. Here's the lecture in its entirety and if you're wondering, no we did not listen to the whole thing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Music] Theophilus London - Last Name London (Brodkinski Remix)

Theophilus London remixed his "Timez Are Weird These Days" album in its entirety with handpicked producers from around the world like Brodinski, Skream, Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, Fred Faulke and more. He officially dropped the Brodinski remix for his hit single Last Name London today even though it's been around the block for a while now. Anyways, here it is and be sure to check out his tumblr page for the rest of the remixed album which drops on April 24th.

[Music] Casey Veggies - PNCINTLOFWGKTA (ft.Domo Genesis, Ear Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)

Casey Veggies was an original member of Odd Future wayyyyyy back. He left the collective way before OFWGKTA had any success to focus on a solo career. He's generated buzz in hiphop the last couple of years by himself. Well, in his latest mixtape Customized Greatly 3 he reunites with the Wolf Gang in PNCINTLOFWGKTA.

[Video] Asylum by Andrew Geraci

Check out this timelapse video of an insane asylum by Andrew Geraci and his team at thevoder. It took them seven months to complete and took over 35 000 photographs to complete this project. As they state, no video was taken, the video is only composed of still photographs. The location is unknown as "they cannot disclose this information".

[Video] Smart Argentina Twitter Ad

The Smart car in Argentina got a smart ad campaign for their twitter account. Using ASCII animation, you scroll down their twitter account and get treated to an awesome animation of the smart car driving around the city and country side. For the best effect, use your "J" and "K" keys to navigate the animation. Here's a video of the campaign but it's alot more fun scrolling down the page itself.

[Tech] The Purchase of Instagram Explained in a Gif

As you may or may not know, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Not bad for a company that had 13 employees and 0$ in revenue. Here's an animated gif explaining the success of Instagram.


[Music Video] XXYYXX - Breeze

Well this is a dope discovery. XXYYXX is Marcel Everett, a 16 year old producer from Orlando, Florida. His music comes off as a mixture between James Blake and Clams Casino while still maintaining his own vibe. You can get his bass heavy self-titled album for free right HERE or stream it below. Besides that here's the music video for Breeze. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this kid.

Here's another of his videos:

And his latest track Living Together:

[Video] Turntable Rider - Mix Music By Riding

Now I'm skeptical if this is legit or not but other indications are telling me that this is not a hoax so I'll go with it. The "Turntable Rider" by Cogoo suggests that they've built a bmx bike that allows you to mix music while performing tricks. The harder the tricks, the better the mix. The bike will be on display at the 2012 Kaikoo Popwave festival. Check it out!

The making of:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Music] Gramatik - #digitalfreedom

Don't understand how this managed to slip under our watch but Gramatik released a free six track EP entitled #digitalfreedom last week and it's dope. He wants to raise more awareness against internet censorship laws like ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA or in his exact words :

"FUCK ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and any bill that wants to give corporations the power to regulate and censor the internet, especially if those same corporations built their empires solely on copyright infringement!"

Gramatik ventures into a more electronic and dubstep sound in this EP which is different from his usual hip hop instrumental inspired style.

[Music Video] Macklemore & Ryan Leslie - Victory Lap

Macklemore's Victory Lap produced by Ryan Leslie is the complete opposite of a band we've posted earlier today, Death Grips. It's extremely easy to listen to and appeals to a large crowd.  The track was featured on the 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape.

Thanks to @jclaniel for the heads up.

[Music Video] Feist - Bittersweet Melodies

Feist's latest video features the works of argentinian photographer Irina Werning "Back to the Future" series which we've posted on a couple of occasions before. The video is just a slideshow of Irina's work. I respect the fact that she used Irina's work for the entirety of the video or that she didn't try to recreate the concept.

[Music] Death Grips - I've Seen Footage

Most probably Death Grips' "friendliest" sound ever. I've seen Footage is from their upcoming "The Money Store" album which drops on April 24th.

[Music Video] Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom

Here's the music video for Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco's track Vava Voom. You can hardly call a hip hop and dubstep collaboration "experimental" anymore as it's been done many times before but this track is pretty good though. Bassnectar's latest album is available for purchase on his website as of today.

[Video] Silent World by Lucie & Simon

Here's an awesome short montage by Lucie & Simon. They took photographs of very busy spots in big cities across France, China, Italy and the States and erased almost all of the people and cars in the shots to give a ghost town effect.

[Video] Urban Merry-Go-Round in Prague

Check out this performance by Vojtech Frohlich, Ondrej Mlady, Jan Simanek and Vladimir Turner in Prague. There's a three panel turning advertising board in Prague and they decided to hijack it and make it an urban merry-go-round. This is awesome.

[Trailer] I Know That Voice

This is the first trailer for the documentary "I Know That Voice" which is still in production. The documentary features almost all of the best voice actors in the business and gives a behind the scenes look at the world of your favorite cartoons, animations and anything that's got to do with voice acting/over.

[Photo of the Day] 'Elegant Violence' by Amy Elkins

'Elegant Violence' is actually the name of a series of photos by Amy Elkins focusing on Rugby players. More on the website.

[Music Video] M.I.A - Bad Girls (Paper Crows Remix)

Check out the remix Paper Crows released last friday! Paired with a pretty cool video homage to all the bad girls on the screen, this remix is uber-interesting! 

[Music] Stuck In The Sound - Brother (Yuksek Remix)

Check out this dance friendly remix by Yuksek of Stuck In The Sound's 'Brother'. Out on april 9th, 2012!

Stuck In The Sound - Brother (Yuksek Remix) by Yuksek