Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Photo of the Day] Congoleses Wrestlers by Colin Delfosse

Colin Delfosse tooks some pictures of the kinda strange looking popular wrestling culture in Kinshasa, Congo. Wearing traditional masks or whatever they can find , the men wrestle it out  in makeshift arena after the sunset. More on Colin's website.

[Video] Buenos Aires - Inception Park

I don't know how this was made or why it was made but it's super awesome. Props to Black Sheep Films aka Fernando Livschitz.

[Music Video] Shake Aletti - Lights & Sparks

Your funky dose of the week is brought to you by Shake Aletti who decided to share a track for free from their new single Light & Sparks every monday. You can grab all the remixes on their Facebook : the original will be released on the 20th. Check it out!

Friday, February 17, 2012

[Live Streaming] Sleigh Bells Live at Terminal 5 (NYC)

You can watch Sleigh Bells perform live right here on Official Hype.The Bowery Presents will broadcast live Sleigh Bells' concert at Terminal 5 in New York City. The live broadcast will start at 10:30PM EST. The duo are releasing their new album "Reign of Terror" on February 21st which is pretty good.

[Video] Jacob Sutton's L.E.D. Surfer

Fantastic project by fashion photographer Jacob Sutton. The three day video shoot was held in the south-eastern region of France in which the crew faced temperatures of -25 celcius (approx. -13F). The final product is just sublime as the mouvements and shots are executed to near perfection. The snowboarder riding the awesome L.E.D. suit is William Hughes.

[Music Video] Skrillex - Bangarang

Here's the official music video for Skrillex's track Bangarang.

[Music] The Drums - Days (Trentemoller Remix)

The very chilled out Trentemoller worked his magic on this already pretty smooth track by The Drums. It ended up as a great remix! Check it out! 

[Photo] Windows 8's New Logo

Here's Microsoft Windows' latest logo. It's not a flag anymore and it actually looks like their first logo, which turned out to be a window and not a flag.

Here's Windows' first logo in 1985.

[Photo] Hilarious Wodka Vodka Billboard in NYC

How often do you get to see a billboard that insults hookers in New York City? Wodka [Vodka] doesn't seem to mind to piss about anybody off. The billboard is located on 27th and 7th Avenue, near Penn Station, which of course is an area that has many of hookers and escorts.

[Other] Happy Birthday

We usually only reserve happy birthdays to our facebook page but we're making an exception for the greatest athlete of all time (any sport). This man single-handedly changed the business of professional sports and transformed the way brands and advertisers work. So for that, we're wishing Michael Jeffrey Jordan, a happy 49th birthday.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Music] JJ DOOM - Banished

Mf Doom is back and with yet another collaboration project! This time he's siding with Jneiro Jarel under the name JJ Doom. Their first single is amazingly good! Their album Key to the Kuffs should be released soon. Check it out! 

[Throwback Thursday] The Pharcyde - Drop

We didn't post a throwback thursday video last week for an unknown reason so to make up for it, we've got a double dose of throwback thursday this week! The first track is Drop by The Pharcyde which happens to have one of the best hip hop music videos ever (directed by Spike Jonze). Our second video belongs to the classic Oh My God by A Tribe Called Quest.

[Music Video] Shearwater - Breaking The Yearlings

Branan Edgens delivered a beautiful video for the amazing track "Breaking the Yearlings" by Shearwater. This track is available on their latest LP Animal Joy and as a free download in the box below!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Photo of the Day] Keel Walk by Lloyd Images

"Known as the ‘The Keel Walk’ the stunt involves very precise wind, sailing and sea conditions to make sure Alex and his jet-ski-driving assistant aren’t toppled over by the 8.2 tonne yacht." Well, it makes a pretty bad-ass profile picture. Check out the video below to see how they did it. 

[Music] Casey Spooner - Cinnamon Toast (Modek Remix)

I really dig this free electro-breaks remix Modek uploaded on his soundcloud today! It's way more bouncy then the original! Check it out!

Casey Spooner - Cinnamon Toast (Modek Remix) // FREE 320 by Modek

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Photo of the Day] Leo Cavallini - Streetball

Our photo of the day is entitled "Streetball" and was shot by Sao Paulo based photographer Leo Cavallini.

[Music Video] Serengeti - Shazam

There's two side of randomeness : the annoying one and the awesome one. Serengeti definitely falls in the second category with this video. Double dribbling with Shaq heads? Fuck yeah. This dope track will be available on the forthcoming Kenny Dennis EP in April 2012. Shazam!

[Video] Mickael Dupont's Vintage Ladies Bike Tricks

We don't know much about bikes and tricks but we know awesome when we see it. This is definitely awesome. Mickael Dupont does impressive tricks on a vintage ladies bike from way back in the day. Obviously, the bike had to go under repair a couple of times.

[Video] Hornstull - Nice To Meet You

"Turning something boring into something fun" was the goal of the project. They delivered. From what I understand, Hornstull is an underdeveloped hipster neighborhood of Stockholm and now it's going under reconstruction. They're building a shopping mall and instead of walking through boring construction sites the people at Abby Norm created a fully interactive tunnel. In their words:
"In a construction tunnel we installed projectors, speakers and kinect sensors. We created a digital artwork designed as a virtual, interactive forest. The sensors registered the people passing the projection surfaces, which made the forest grow and change. Via a main screen, the visitors were given the possibility to interact directly with the installation and to help the forest grow."
This is a great idea, as someone who lives in a city that always seems to be under construction, having the opportunity to have a daily encounter with a project like this would be so awesome. 

[Photos] Breaking Bad Valentines Cards

Here goes the somewhat obligatory Valentine's Day related post. Check out these awesome Breaking Bad Valentine's cards by Beth.

Monday, February 13, 2012

[Music Video] 1995 - La Suite

Here's the latest music video from the Parisian rap group "1995". The group have shown in the past to have the ability to produce great and simple concepts for their music videos. Their video for La Suite is another example. Their new EP "La Suite" will be available on March 5th.

Here is a couple of their older videos:

La Flemme

Monsieur Sable

[Teaser] Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

So ridiculous it's worthy of a post. The movie will hit theaters on June 22nd and is directed by russian filmmaker Timur Bekmamtevov. The movie is an adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's 2010 historical-fiction novel by the same name. It's cool to see Abe Lincoln casually swing his ax like if it's a tennis racquet at the 1:01 mark.

[Video] Welcome to Earth - Universal Time-lapse

Here's a truly fantastic time-lapse video edited by Luc Bergeron. He took all of the best time-lapse videos out there and put them into one awesome montage. The video showcases 179 different places in the world. If you're interested in seeing all 179 timelapses used in his video, here's the list.

[Other] Did You Watch The 54th Grammys?

It fuckin' sucked. That is all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

[Photo of the Day] Golden Disc by Aubrey Stoll

Contrast. Minimalism. Damn. This picture has at least 2 out of the 73 things I love in a photo. Check out this awesome shot by  Aubrey Stoll of the sun going down in Kenya. 

[Music] Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise - Dill The Noise

Well, for those of you not watching the Grammy, here's a tight moombah collab track Dillon Francis just uploaded on his soundclound. The track, featuring Kill The Noise, will be available on his upcoming EP due Tuesday. Check it out!

[Music] Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Professor Kliq Remix)

Listen to Professor Kliq's remix of Gorillaz's 2005 hit single Feel Good Inc. It's good, in fact it's real good. It's on the funkier side of electro and is well worth the listen as well as the free download that is available.

[Video] Gramophone Without Power

Now this is pretty cool, Livia Ritthaler has designed a fully functioning gramophone made out of paper, wood and metal. The gramophone works without electricity, in other words, it works manually. The sound travels from the needle and goes through the paper funnel which delivers the sound pretty well!

[Photos] Ben Wilson's Gum Art

Ben Wilson is an English painter that has turned 8000 pieces of gum stuck on pavement into pieces of miniature art. The process takes him anywhere from two hours to three days to complete.  


[Music Video] Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

Here's the music video for Childish Gambino's Heartbeat from his "Camp" album.

[Music Video] Sun Glitters - High

Check out the beautiful video Feel Good Lost produced for the incredibly soothing Flying Lotus-ish music of Sun Glitters! Grab their "High" EP on Music Is For Losers!