Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Photos] Confetti Death by Typoe

Check out this awesome sculpture by graffiti artist Typoe. The piece is entitled Confetti Death, which was one piece from a larger series of conceptual works from the Miami based artist.


[Music video] Nas & Damian Marley - Nah Mean

Check out the new video for Nas & Damian Marley's trakc Nah Mean. The video is simple and perfect the way it is, great track.

[Music] Consequence - The Last Supper

Check out Consequence's new track that was released yesterday entitled The Last Supper produced by Lee Bannon. This track caused some controversy because Pusha T allegedly stole a line from this track for his track "My God". The Last Supper is from Consequence's upcoming "Movie on Demand 3" project.

Source: nahright

[Video] Mike Green blocks slapshot with HIS FACE

Hockey's a tough sport. Washington Capitals defenceman Mike Green blocked Mike Gilroy's slapshot with his face. Luckily, he skated off on his own power. And that is why if you're going to block a shot, don't go face forward. The Capitals won the game 3-1 and eliminated the NY Rangers in the playoffs by winning the series 4-1.

[Music] How To Dress Well - Ready For The World (Star Slinger Refix)

Check out Star Slinger's remix of How To Dress Well's Ready For The World.

How To Dress Well - Ready For The World (Star Slinger Refix) by Star Slinger

[Music] Notorious B.I.G - Everyday Struggle (Copycat's Slight Re-Edit)

I'm usually against people who remix Biggie tracks but this is honestly pretty legit. Check out this funky remix of Biggie's Everyday Struggle by Melbourne based producer Copycat.

Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle (COPYCAT'S Slight Re-edit) by COPYCAT

[Music] Listen to a live stream of Beastie Boys' "Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2"

Listen the full album of the Beastie Boys' highly anticipated album "Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2". The album is being streamed live right now from a speaker that is positioned in the middle of Madison Square Garden, on the Knicks basketball court.

Watch live streaming video from beastieboys at

[Video] J Dilla - Geekdown (by Steve Smith)

Check out this awesome fan made animation video by Steve Smith set to J Dilla's track Geekdown.

[Music video] Asher Roth & Nottz - Enforce The Law

Here's another video for Asher Roth's "Rawth" EP. Roth's previous video Gotta Get Up was "The Big Lebowski" inspired. Now, his video for Enforce The Law is inspired by the "Training Day" film. Check it out!

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Photo] 2,000lbs "Transformers" cake by Buddy from "Cake Boss"

Check out this behemoth of a cake made by buddy from the TLC show "Cake Boss". The cake was unveiled at a Chevrolet event on Thursday. He recreated "Bumblebee" from the "Transformers" franchise. It's ridiculously awesome. You can see how Buddy made the cake on "Cake Boss", the episode will air June 20th.

Source: IFWT

[Photos] The Art of LTR

Check out the awesome work of Madagascar born but Luxembourg based, graphic design artist LTR.


[Music] Beastie Boys - Say It

The new Beastie Boys album has been surrounded by so much hype it's unbelievable. Here's their track "Say It" which was played at the start of the "pissing scene" in their "Fight For Your Right Revisited" short film. The album "Hot Sauce Committee Pt.II" drops May 3rd! Check out the track!

Source: SKOA

[Song of the Week] Belzebass - Rise of Brutality

I actually heard this track this very morning and it definitely woke me up. Very nice hardcore electro track. At some point, the heavy bass kinda reminds me of Motor by Sebastian. See for yourself!

[Photos] Furniture made from recycled computer parts

It's earth day, so here's a recycling related post that's awesome. BRCdesigns have made these pieces of furniture from recycled computer parts. Check 'em out!


[Music] Justice - Civilization (Dalcan remix)

Check out this solid remix by french producer Dalcan. It's different from the Neon Stereo remix of the same track, it goes much harder. Check it out, it's worth a listen!

JUSTICE 'Civilization DALCAN Remix' by DALCAN

You can follow Dalcan on twitter

[Music video] Moby - The Day (ft. Heather Graham)

Check out Moby's new video for his track The Day from his upcoming album "Destroyed". The video features Heather Graham who plays the role of a nurse/angel who fights off demons. The video is directed by Evan Bernard ("Disco lies", "New York,New York").

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[Video] Lebron James sick crossover on Jrue Holiday

Check out James's nasty crossover on Philly's Jrue Holiday. The move didn't end smoothly for James but it still made the opposing crowd "ooohh and aaaahhh". Also, nice two handed finish by Dwyane Wade. The Heat won tonight's game 100-94 and have a commanding 3-0 lead on the series.

[Music] Shock To The System - Iron Man (Wick-it Remix)

DJ Wick-it just produced another great remix. This time putting his own touch on Black Sabbath's Iron Man. Check it out!

Shock To The System - Iron Man (Wick-it Remix) by wick-it

[Music] DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter - Together (Le Castle Vania & Computer Club remix)

DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk) have a side project called "Together" where they released a track by the same name quite some time ago. Now here's Le Castle Vania & Computer Club's remix of the track Together by Together. Check it out!

DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club's Summer Bootleg Mix) by Le Castle Vania

[Music] Uffie - Wordy Rappinghood (produced by DJ Mehdi)

Well the other day we posted the evian ad which featured Uffie's cover of "Wordy Rappinghood" produced by DJ Mehdi. Here's the track in it's entirety.

[Video] Little Thor

Remember that Volkswagen "Little Vader" superbowl commercial? Well, here's Marvel taking a shot at VW and making their own version but with "Little Thor". They use the exact same shots as in the in the VW commercial except the ending is somewhat different to say the least.

Source: buzzfeed

[Music] Skream - Where You Should Be (Jack Beats remix)

Check out Jack Beats' remix for Skream's Where You Should Be featuring Sam Frank. This might be old, still good though.

[Video] Beyonce releases teaser video for her album

Here's Beyonce teaser video for her album "B Revolution" and single Run This World (Girls). It features Beyonce sitting on a horse like a boss.

[Video] "Tap Into It" by Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Well, this video doesn't need much of a description. Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2011 thought it would be a good idea to promote their festival with a chubby bearded dude dancing in tights for roughly a minute. Hey, I didn't know that there was such a "Vancouver Craft Beer Week" before seeing this video.

TAP INTO IT from Vancouver Craft Beer Week on Vimeo.

[Video] Watch the entire "Fight For Your Right Revisited" short by the Beastie Boys

Here's the entire short film by The Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right Revisited" which featured Danny Mcbride, Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and many more A-list celebrities. Check it out!

[Music video] John Maus - Believer

Believer is from John Maus' upcoming "We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves" album, which will be released on June 27th on Upset The Rhythm / Ribbon Music. The video features some scenes from the Jackie Chan film "Shaolin Wooden Men".

If you like the track, you can download it aswell (click on the arrow)

JOHN MAUS - Believer (free mp3) by Upset the Rhythm

[Video]: The Twins: 12 year old skate prodigies

Check out this video Pierce and Chris Brunner skateboarding, who are 12 years old in this video. Those twins are amazing. The video was shot by Ty Evans.

The Twins from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Check out skatefairy

[Video] Interview with Lee Quinones

Here's an interview/video portrait of legendary graffiti artist Lee Quinones.

[Music video] Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

Yeah, it premiered yesterday on MTV we know, but we wanted to wait an upload that was on youtube or vimeo so we can share it with the entire world. So if you're one of the few who didn't see it, check it out! It features Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Ted Danson, Steve Buscemi, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Jack Black and we're pretty sure we saw Amy Poehler and Kirsten Dunst in there aswell.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Video] Watch all of Blake Griffin's 214 dunks this season

Here's a four minute video with all of the 214 dunks from Blake Griffin's rookie season. This guy was amazing this year.

[Music] Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wondering (Dirtyphonics remix)

Check out the Dirtyphonics remix of Wondering by Does It Offend you, Yeah?. The remix will be available to purchase next month.

[Photo] Artwork for new Arctic Monkeys album

Here's the artwork for their new album "Suck it and See" which comes out June 6th in the UK and June 7th in U.S. It's pretty simple to say the least.


[Video] The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd

Terje Sorgjerd is at it again, producing/directing another beautiful time lapse nature inspired video. This was shot on El Teide, Spain's highest mountain, which is one of the best places to photograph stars as it has one of the world's best observatories. Terje had to fight through a sandstorm to make this beautilful short film, you can see the sandstorm at the 0:32 mark. Check it out, it's worth three minutes of your time!

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[Music[ Daft Punk - End Of Line (SYBRFUK remix)

Allright, it's been a while since we posted something Daft Punk/Tron related but this remix deserves some attention. Sybrfuk is from San Juan in Puerto Rico, that's all I know about him. But what I do know is that this remix is awesome. The End Of Line remix gets especially dope around the 1:30 mark. Check it out!

Daft Punk - End Of Line (sybrfuk CLU's revenge remix) by sybrfuk aka 1nightstand

Check out Sybrfuk's facebook page.

[Music video] Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - If I Die Today (John)

Here's the official music video for If I Die Today (John) by Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross. The song is from the upcoming "Tha Carter IV" album. Check it out!

[Music] Digitalism - 2 Hearts

I'm not sure what to think about this. I used to be an absolute fan of Digitalism but this sounds way too ordinary. We'll have to wait for the whole album entitled I Love You, Dude to get an idea. Meanwhile, here's the track and a free download.

Digitalism - 2 Hearts by Freeman PR

[Photo] Album art cover for Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV"

This is supposedly Weezy's album art cover for "Tha Carter IV". It's dope and much funnier than "Tha Carter III" for some reason.

[Music video] Ryan Leslie - Glory

Well, that wasn't long was it. A couple of hours ago the track "Glory" was leaked and now the official music video for the track is out aswell. Check it out!

[Music] Rick Ross vs Dubstep by DJ InfraRED

DJ infraRED sent us his "Rick Ross's Dubstep Mafia" mixtape via twitter today. The mixtape sounds great! Rick Ross tends to rap over similar sounding beats in all of his tracks so it was dope to hear him spit over something different, in this case dubstep tracks. He blended/mashed Rick Ross tracks with popular dubstep tracks and the final product is pretty good. Check it out!

Here's the mixtape!

[Music] Britney Spears - Till the World Ends (Adventure Club dubstep remix)

We posted not long ago the Bloody Beetroots' remix of Britney Spears' "Till the World Ends. Now we're posting Adventure Club Dubstep's remix of the same track. They're not as known as the italian duo but their remix is better. This is the second remix of Adventure Club Dubstep that we've posted in the last couple of weeks, if they keep producing/remixing tracks like these, they'll be known around the world in no time.

Britney Spears - Till the World Ends (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep

[Music] Redial - Anxiety

Here's a very nice electro track by australian producer Redial. He released a preview for Anxiety roughly a month ago but now here's the full length track! Check it out.

Redial - Anxiety by Redial

Heard it on themusicninja

[Photo] Hanksy

Hahah check out this Tom Hanks/Banksy inspired piece of graffiti/street art that was seen in Soho, NYC entitled "Hanksy".


[Photos] The Art of Pedro Zamith

Here's the awesome art of Lisbon based artist Pedro Zamith. His illustrations plunge us into a crazy world filled with colors and weird looking characters. Check it out!

Check out to mashkulture to see more.

[Video] Live action bio-pic of Betty Boop with Rose McGowan

Hahah this is good stuff by funnyordie. Rose McGowan stars in the live action bio-pic of the sexiest cartoon character of her time and possibly of all time. It also stars PopEye the Sailorman and Walt Disney. Check it out!

[Music] Ryan Leslie - Glory

This is a must listen! The very talented Ryan Leslie has released the first single from his upcoming album "Les is More". The track is called Glory and this is the type of track that most probably sounds better live/in concert. Check it

You can buy the track on itunes

[Video] Swizz Beatz - Go New York Go (Remix) ft. Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony

We saw not long ago a "behind the scenes" video of Swizz Beatz and Knicks Power Forward Amare Stoudemire shooting the video for the new Knicks theme song remixed by Swizz Beatz. It looked as awkward as the final product. Here's the video and song, which features cameos by Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks cheerleaders. The Knicks are currently down 1-0 to the Boston Celtics in their opening round series.

[Video] Conan O'Brien As Seen By Artist John Kascht

“In this film “Funny Bones” artist John Kascht gives us a behind the scenes look at the creation of his portrait of Conan O’ Brien, explaining his artistic process and approach to caricature. Presented by the NPG’s “Gallery360″ program.” John Kascht is mostly known for his celebrity portraits and his unique style.


Monday, April 18, 2011

[Music] Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis remix)

Here's an awesome moombahton remix of Toddla T's hit Take It Back by Dillon Francis. Both the original and this moombahton remix will get it's fair share of airplay in the clubs this summer. Francis' remix of "Take It Back" was featured as the "hottest track in the world" on BBC Radio1's Zane Lowe show. Dillon Francis is signed to Mad Decent Records.

Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Source: gottadancedirty

[Music] Beyonce - Girls (Who Run The World)

A new Beyonce track has been leaked. It samples Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor". the track is supposedly the first single from her fourth upcoming album. This isn't the greatest track in the world if you catch our drift.

Photo from the "Girls" music video

[Video] Uffie in new Evian ad, track produced by DJ Mehdi

Uffie covers Tom Tom Club's Wordy Rappinghood with the help of DJ Mehdi in the new international ad campaign by Evian water entitled "Baby Inside".

[Video] Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 - Church Of Noise Tour Teaser

Death Crew 77 will be back for  another tour in 2012 under the Church of Noise emblem. If you have attended one of these shows, you know they're insane. This teaser is way different then the one for the 2010 tour, but it makes you hunger for more, way more. Crave now.

BBDC77 2011 - Teaser from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

[Music Video] Dragons Theme - Stantz

I have to admit, I watched the video without reading the description first when we received it. Makes more sense with the concept ; "the whole idea of the music video was to apply to each musical phrase or texture of the track, a different image or sequence." Simple, yet very nice as the beat itself. Beware : pretty chillaxing.

[Video] Ralph Lauren's cars exhibit in Paris

Ralph Lauren opens his doors for a personal tour of his exquisite car collection. He'll be bringing his greatest cars to the "Musée des Arts Décoratifs" in Paris for a special exhibit entitled : "The Art of the Automobile: Masterpieces from the Ralph Lauren collection". In the short promo video, Lauren mentions many times that cars are pieces of art and that they have influenced his work. If you're in the Paris area, the exhibit will be from April 28th to August 28th 2011. Here's the video.

[Music video] Wiley - Numbers In Action

Here's the video for UK Grime legend/pioneer Wiley. The track Numbers In Action is from his "100% Publishing" album, which drops June 27th. The video is pretty cool, check it out!

[Music] Scistitch & Swalace - Focus

If you're in the mood for some dark, crazy dubstep, check this track out. Scistitch sent us his track Focus on soundcloud. We've gotta admit, we don't know much about Scistitch besides the fact that he's from New Orleans, Louisiana but if he continues to produce tracks like these, we'll much more about him in no time. You can also have a free download of the track.

Scistitch & Swalace - Focus (Free 320 Download) <3 by Scistitch

You can find him on facebook and soundcloud.

[Music] Metronomy - The Bay (Erol Alkan remix)

Here's a two minute preview for Erol Alkan's remix of Metronomy's The Bay from their "The english riviera" album. The preview sounds great and we cannot wait to hear the whole thing. The whole track will be coming out soon on "Because Music". Worth a listen!

Metronomy - The Bay (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework) PREVIEW by Erol Alkan

[Music video] Pusha T - My God

Pusha T announced that his "Fear of God" mixtape will be re-released as an EP on June 21st. So coincidently, the video for his first single "My God" from "Fear of God" was released today aswell. Check it out!

[Music] U2 ft. Jay-Z - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live in Auckland)

Here's a rare track from U2 from the limited edition of the "U2 : Duals LP", which is only available to U2 fan club subscribers. Here's a special live version of U2 and Jay-Z performing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" last year, when they co-toured together. The LP also features performances with Johnny Cash, Mary J. Blige, Green Day, Mick Jagger, BB King and more. Check it out!

[Video] Full Kanye West performance at Coachella

Last night, Kanye West closed the 2011 Coachella festival. It's definitely one of the best Coachella performances we've ever seen, up there with Radiohead in '04 and Daft Punk in '06. Kanye played all of his hits, it was great to watch, you tend to forget how many great songs Kanye made in such a short time. The stage performance was also great and the background was more epic than his "Power" video. It was mainly a one man show, it only featured Justin Vernon and Pusha T. Here's the first part of the performance, we'll put the second part when it's available. The show was RIDCLESS, he even subtly honored the Chicago Bulls by playing "Sirius" by Alan Parson Project before Love Lockdown, which is the famous theme song of the Chicago Bulls.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Music video] Martin Solveig - Ready 2 Go ft. Kele

Martin Solveig's Ready 2 Go is the second single from his "Smash" album which will be released this summer. The first single of course being "Hello" which features Dragonnette. Solveig uses another important french sports venue as the setting for "Ready 2 Go", this time using the Stade de France. He used the French Open's main court in his "Hello" video. Ready 2 Go features Kele from "The Bloc Party". The music video starts around the 7:00 minute mark.

[Music] Carte Blanche - Jack on the Moon

Here's another track from the highly limited "The Bee Sides" compilation album from Ed Banger Records for Record Store Day. Carte Blanche is made up of DJ Mehdi and Riton and they give you another great house track. Check it out!

Carte Blanche - Jack on the Moon by julien92

[Music Video] Mega Mystery Band/Yuksek - On a Train

Wow. I don't know if you followed this because it was quite enthralling. We finally have the answer to who Mega Mystery Band really is: Yuksek, french electro/pop producer who brings some incredibly catchy beats like this. If you don't know the whole story then let's make it short. The original video was posted weeks ago with the mention : "You don't know who we are but you're gonna love what we do. You'd better get prepared 'cause Mega Mystery Band is gonna rock your world! Have fun guys!". Now after numerous hints and misleading clues, the video was re-posted friday with a new ending clearing all doubts. Don't care about all this? Well, the track has everything to be a perfect summer hit anyway. 

Visit MMB's youtube Channel or Facebook page for future news (since an album is in the making) or to catch the story

Thanks to DaPlaceToBe for the heads-up

[Music] Radiohead - Super Collider + The Butcher

BAM! Two new tracks from one of the world's most talked about band. It's actually new releases for Record Store Day and probably the last for a long time: be on the look-out for a vinyl release. Enjoy!

Radiohead "Supercollider" + "The Butcher" by ianbhoy

Source: ThaGoodLifeReviews

[Video] Path of Blood - Demon at the Crossroads of Destiny

We definitely love stop-motion and this one is not an exception. It's not only original, it's awesome AND bloody for a change. Kinda NSFW which is pretty unusual for a paper animation... Check it out!

Path of Blood - Demon at the Crossroads of Destiny from Eric Power on Vimeo.