Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Music Video] The Lonely Island - We're Back!

They're back! New video! Album out May 10th. Need I say more? Watch it

Thanks to TheGoodLifeReviews for the original post

[Photos] Ryan McGinley

These are simply amazing photos. As raw as they might be, the colors and feelings are flawless. Ryan McGinley's recent project, Somewhere Place , will be exposed on April 9th at the Galerie Gabriel Rolt, in Amsterdam. (if you're around by any chance, don't miss it).

(click to enlarge)

Source and more photos (NSFW): SLAMXHYPE

[Video] New York City Time Lapse

We often post some tilt shift and time lapse videos from various cities of the world. This time lapse video is from New York but with many unusual angles and places. Very nice video and choice of music! Enjoy

new york city. from James Ogle on Vimeo.

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Music Video] ANR - Big Problem

Without being a rip-off, the high pitched synth intro catches perfectly the mood of classic slasher films like Halloween. The video is simple, dark and original (*spoiler*: fishhooks + hands and boobs). Good indie sound, check it out!

ANR - "Big Problem" from stereogum on Vimeo.
Thanks to OffTheRadar for the find! And if you're in the USA, download it on Amazon, it's FREE

[Music] Kid Cudi - Capcom

Here's a new track by Kid Cudi for what is supposed to be on his upcoming mixtape "A Man Named Scott", that will come out this summer. It's pretty good, dope beat but something about Cudi's vocals seem off. Check it out!

Kid Cudi - Capcom by Hypetrak

Big ups to Hypetrak

[Photo] Album cover for The Lonely Island's "Turtleneck & Chain"

Here's the album cover for the The Lonely Island's new album "Turtleneck & Chain". The album will come out on May 10th and features Nicki Minaj, Akon, Rihanna. Justin Timberlake and others. Can't wait to hear the whole album!

Source: vulture

[Music] Stream full album "Wasting Light" by Foo Fighters

Earlier this morning, we tried to stream the full album of The Foo Fighters newest album "Wasting Light" but we had some minor difficulties but everything is allright now, so here it is! Apparently the entire album was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage. "Wasting Light" will hit stores on April 12th. Check it out!

Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

[Song of the Week] Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me ( Mensah Remix)

It's FRIDAY, the weekend is about to hit so sit back and enjoy our song of the week; Mensah's remix of Changed The Way You Kiss Me by Example.

Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me [Mensah Remix] by PurplePR

Big ups to somekindofawesome

[Video] Street art of Phlegm

Don't let the somewhat nasty name fool you, this illustrator/street artist from the U.K is absolutly incredible. His cartoon style murals are stunning and cover a large space. Here's a time lapse video of Phlegm doing a piece, the mural, like all of his work is simply dope. Check it out!

Phlegm from Andy Skillen on Vimeo.

Here is more of his work:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Check out Phlegm's blog

Props to curatedmag for the video

[Video] Stefan Janoski for Nike SB short film/commercial

Here's the latest video/commercial/short film by Nike SB, promoting the "Zoom Stefan Janoski Mid" shoe. It's a pretty weird/trippy video all in all, there's some bits and parts that kinda looked like if it was David Lynch inspired. Check it out!

Source: hypebeast

[Music video] A-1 - Black Ranger

I gotta admit, I've never heard of A-1 until I saw this awesome music video. It's got action figures, it uses stop motion and it has some hypnotizing colorful backgrounds. I don't even know what to say, it's just that awesome and I'm not even a Power Rangers fan. Check it out!

Source: buzzfeed

[Video] "Hipster Goggles" by 5 second films

Hahah, I'm just going to use the description of the video by 5-second films : "Turns any lame party into a totally not-lame deconstruction of lameness, filtered through a winking parody of fashion trends, stale Pabst, and detached observations about the outdated, now-meaningless use of the word "hipster!" Also oven mitts."

Hipster Goggles from 5-Second Films on Vimeo.

[Music] Pharell - The Game Has Changed (Daft Punk instrumental)

Here's Pharell rapping over Daft Punk's "The Game Has Changed" from the Tron Soundtrack. There's a couple of Funk Master Flex drops in there. Still dope, check it out!

Source: InFlexWeTrust

[Photos] Americana illustrations by Adam Wheatley

Here is some of the work of australian artist Adam Wheatley. It's pretty funny, check it out!

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Check out Adam Wheatley's website
Source: juxtapoz

[Music] SebastiAn - Embody (DJ Premier remix)

Kavinsky's remix of Embody was released yesterday (with great success) and now here's the remix of "embody" by legendary hip hop producer DJ Premier. It was played for the first time by MistaJam on BBC Radio 1xtra. It's great.

SebastiAn - Embody (DJ Premier) by isaidahip

Source: somekindofawesome

Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Video] Teaser for Travis Barker - Misfits (ft. Steve Aoki)

Not much of a teaser when you show roughly a minute and a half of your music video. Anyways, here it is. "Misfits" is a single from Travis Barker's "Can A Drummer Get Some" album, which is in stores now.

[Music] Dave Raps - H.Y.P.E EP

We aren't only featuring this because of the name. No. Dave Raps sent us his new EP and it's simply dope. So tune in to Dave Raps' website to listen to the whole thing or just download it like you should because it's FREE.

Again, everything's on and do show some love on Facebook

[Music video] The Green Seed - Crack Kills

The Sugartooth group just sent us a video they made for underground hip-hop group "The Green Seed". The video is pretty dope and the song is good aswell. Check it out!

The Green Seed - Crack Kills from sugartooth on Vimeo.

You can like The Green Seed on facebook.

[Photos] Aaron De La Cruz & Samuel Rodriguez art exhibit

Mexican artists Aaron De La Cruz and Samuel Rodriguez will hold an exhibition in Hong Kong, at Above Second. The exhibition is called "Mano y Mano". Here is some of their work, if you're in the Hong Kong area, check it out!

Source and to view more photos: curatedmag

[Video] Insane "special flip" trick by Special Greg

Here's an insane video of Special Greg doing a "special flip" trick, the first one in the world.. The dude goes off a ramp, flies in the air, leaves his bike, does a backflip, lands on his bike and then lands on the ramp. This is from the "Nitro Circus Live" tour. RIDICULOUS.

[Music] Skrillex - Reptile Theme (Mortal Kombat)

Here's Skrillex's track for the "Reptile" theme song in the upcoming Mortal Kombat game "Fatality Lives". "The full track will appear on the album Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors which release next Tuesday. The album is being executive produced by JFK (of the DJ/ production duo MSTRKRFT and Death From Above 1979) who also features on the record." The song sounds great, this might be the first time I'm looking forward to hearing the soundtrack of a video game.

Source: somekindofawesome

[Music] Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats - Tang Golf

Here's a new odd future track as Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats rap over the instrumental's of GZA's "4th Chamber".

Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats - TANGGOLF‎ by Hypetrak

Source: hypetrak

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Music Video] Malente vs Azzido Da Bass - Hunting

Kickstart the day with an amazing headbanger electro collaboration between the amazing German producer Malente and Azzido Da Bass. Some heavy stuff right here.The clip is a major wtf but still very enjoyable(tight shorts for the win).

Malente vs Azzido Da Bass - Hunting from Downright on Vimeo.

Thanks to DeathElectro for the original post


Wow, I did not expect to see this! Here's a 11 second teaser for Justice's "Civilization" video.

Props to @quentingueroult for the heads up!

[Music video] Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

Here's the official video for Grown Ocean by Fleet Foxes. No, this band isn't from the 1960's or 70's, they're just hipsters who like to use that effect. The song is set documentary images of the band. Grown Ocean is from their upcoming album "Helplessness Blues", which comes out May 3rd, 2011.

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

Saw it first on Pitchfork

[Video] My Life in a Day; San Francisco

Here's a great video by Scott Hammel. Using a fish eye lens and a stop motion technique, this video is fantastic. The video does a great job of showing what it looks like to spend a day in San Francisco through that guy's eyes. As the description of the video says :"Blinking prevents us from experiencing a continuous reality. Our lives are merely fragments that our eyes edit together seamlessly. This film explores this idea using stop motion to capture these moments throughout my day in San Francisco".

So here's the video!

My Life in a Day; San Francisco from Scott Hammel on Vimeo.

[Music] SebastiAn - Embody (Kavinsky remix)

Here it is, we've heard samples and bits of it and it's finally here. Kavinsky's remix of SebastiAn's "Embody". It's typical Kavinsky material...that means good. You can buy it on beatport right now!

[Photos] French artist MIST paints a VW Beetle

Here's what happens to a Volkswagen Beetle when french artist MIST gets his hands on the car. It might be a beetle but if you have a beetle that looks like this, you'll be driving around like a boss.

Source: curatedmag

[Music] Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey - Words I Never Said (Sound Remedy Remix)

Now this is a remix, it doesn't anything like the original version. It's fantastic, great hungover sunday type of music. The whole album is FREE, get it!

Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco (Sound Remedy Remix) by Sound Remedy

Check out Remedy's soundcloud and facebook accounts.

Source: The Music Ninja through Hypetrak.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Music] Freeway - HAM Extreme

Here's a new track off of his upcoming mixtape with streetwear brand "Diamond Supply Co". The track was produced by Young L, from "The Pack". The song is dope, great beat, production is on point. Check it out!

Check out Freeway's twitter and Diamond Supply Co.
Artwork by FrankTheButcher

Props to missinfo for the track!

[Music Video] DW - Nine Lives

I'm not really a fan of that 80s synth/funk craze that's taken over electro but sometimes I have to admit, it's catchy as hell. This one song by DW is particular and the video is also incredible.

DW - Nine Lives from SektorFilm on Vimeo.

Source: Deathelectro
And for more: DW's music

[Music] Jim Jones - God Bless The Child (ft. Wyclef)

Here's a new track off of Jim Jones' upcoming album "Capo" which hits stores on April 5th. Check it out!

Source: inflexwetrust through illroots

[Photo] World's largest indoor Photo: Strahov Philosophical Library, Prague

Here's the world's largest indoor photo, with a full 360 degree panorama and you can zoom in to the greatest detail pretty much anywhere. The photo (I don't know if you can really call it a photo) is 40 gigapixels. Taken by Jeffrey Martin, he uses a similar technique to Andrew Brooks, where he stiches different photos into one but taken to a whole other level. The Strahov Philosophical Library photo is made of 3,000 images and if you'd want to print this beast of a photo, it would be 23 meters (78 feet) long. It took Martin 111 hours to stich everything together. You may recall the london panoramic photo, which is the biggest one in the world (indoor or out).

So here it is, the largest indoor photo in the world, the Strahov Philosophical Library in Prague

Source: Wired

[Music video] MIXHELL - Antigalactic

Here's the new video from brazilian electronic duo Mixhell for their single "Antigalactic". Mixhell are signed to Boys Noize Records. I didn't know what to expect for the video, it's really nothing impressive, it's all about riding your motorcycle in the streets of Sao Paulo, where we learn that everyday a motorcyclist dies in Sao Paulo. The beat is allright, check it out!

You can buy the song on beatport.

Monday, March 28, 2011

[Photos] Funny one-liner cards

Here are some really funny and witty "one-liner" cards by Sapling Press. You can buy some of their cards on their etsy shop. Check them out!

You can see more of these on dearblankpleaseblank
Source: curatedmag and ignant

[Music] Tyga - Reminded (Ft. Adele)

Here's a brand new track from Tyga's upcoming mixtape "Thoughts 2" which will be available on April 12th. I was really surprised to see Adele's name in the title track, but the overall flow and sound of the song is not bad actually, check it out!

Source: earmilk

[Music] Hodgy Beats - Mystery

Hahah back to back Odd Future related posts, here's a new song from OFWGKTA's Hodgy Beats, produced by Bambeeno. Enjoy!

Hodgy Beats - Mystery by Hypetrak

Source: Hypetrak

[Photos] Odd Future Lyrics As Dr.Seuss Books

Title is self-explanatory, it's pretty funny. Check it out.

You can see more of these on buzzfeed

[Photography] Andrew Brooks' different take on cities

Here is some of the work of Photographer/Illustrator Andrew Brooks. The Manchester-based photographer takes various images of cities and assembles all the images into one. At least 40 different images are used in his photographs and many times the amount of images go into the hundreds. Here is some of his work, you can also check out his website for more info and material.

Manchester, click image to enlarge

Pudong, click image to enlarge

Manhattan, downtown area enlarged by 30%, click image to enlarge

Shanghai, click image to enlarge

Source and for more info and photos: Wired

[Video] Dogboarding

Ha, this video is pretty good and funny. Skateboarders "using" their dogs as skateboards and roller blades. The overall quality of the video is good and the editing is pretty well done aswell. The general idea of the video is so random that it's awesome. The video was directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Visit danieldaniel
Source: buzzfeed

[Video] New tests from street artist "Blu"

I saw the "30 second test footage" video earlier this morning but didn't pay much attention to it but then I realized, Blu is the artist who created these epic videos.

So here it is, Blu released a 30 second preview/test footage of his new work two weeks ago. Check it out! Can't wait to see with what he comes up next!

Big ups to curatedmag

[Music] Austra - Lose It

Here's Toronto based trio Austra's single "Lose it" which is on their upcoming album "Feel it break". The album comes out on May 16th in the U.K. and May 17th in North America.

Austra - Lose It by Annie Mac Presents

Check out domino records and austramusic
Source: Annie Mac

[Music video] Snoop Dogg - My Own Way (ft. Mr.Porter)

Here's the video for Snoop's "My Own Way", which is on his upcoming album "Doggumentary". The video is completely different from his other "Doggumentary" video, Boom which features T-Pain. "Doggumentary" drops in stores tomorrow, March 29th.

Source: nahright

[Video] "Old money" skit by Drake

Drake hosted the JUNO awards last night in Toronto, I didn't watch but there's been some buzz on the internet today about his "old money" skit. It's pretty funny, check it out!

"Just pretend we're in the club (pops bottles), just drink it, drink it, it's hiphop"

[Music video] Woodkid - Iron

Woodkid is releasing his first EP, Iron, today on every major selling websites (Amazon, Itunes, etc). Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine is not at his first encounter with music but he's usually behind the camera. As you may or may not know, he realised diverse stuff from Katy Perry's incredibly hot Teenage Dream to that viral animation for the prevention of AIDS. Well now, he's making his own stuff and it sounds great. To top off the whole thing, he also released a ridiculously epic teaser for his first single's video. Check it out! (will be upgraded when the full video comes out) 


And listen to the whole single:


Thanks to Daplacetobe for the find
Don't forget to visit Lemoine's Website to see his other creations

Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Photos] 15 Artists Reinterpret South Park

15 artists including mythic Ron English will display on March 28th (tomorrow at Opera Gallery New York) 15 personal surrealist takes on the South Park universe. Oh! and season 15 starts April 27th. Coincidence? Doubt that.

Can't fit this one

Source: Wired