Saturday, March 19, 2011

[Music] Daft Punk - End of line (Boys Noize remix)

Finally! I've been waiting for this track ever sinced it was played on Annie Mac roughly a week ago! This track is part of the Tron:R3CONFIGUR3D remix album for Daft Punk's score of the movie "Tron: Legacy".

Daft Punk - End Of Line (Boys Noize Remix) by SeekSickSound

Source: Seeksicksound

[Music video] 'Fabrication'- Emalkay

Hungover? Try some Emalkay to get you headbanging through your breakfast. New video for Emalkay's upcoming album (May 2011 on Dub Police Records). Video is meh. Sound is amazing.

Source: Dubstepmusic

Friday, March 18, 2011

[Photos] Recycled Toy Sculptures by Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford recycles bits and parts from old toys and creates toy sculptures of various items, they're usually life size creations. Curated says that "the idea of each toy having a history, a story to tell, is actually more important to the artist than the fact that they are being re-used rather than thrown away". Here are four of his creations, great craftsmanship.

Source: Curated

[Trailer] The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock is at it again, the director of "Super Size Me" and "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden" has made a documentary about product placement, advertising and marketing. The film itself "was fully financed through product placement from various brands, all of which are integrated transparently into the film." This documentary looks great and explores a field that hasn't really been exposed/covered (in my knowledge). The film was selected at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and at the 2011 SWSW Film Festival.

"Ultimately what we want to try and do is create and what is the Ironman of documentaries"

The movie will have a limited release on April 22nd, 2011.

[Video] Fixed by Jeffrey Thompson

Here's a great animated short (3 minutes) by Jeffrey Thompson. It's about a guy with a broken leg trying to get his leg "fixed" by a bunch of creepy doctors, it gets disturbingly funny towards the end. Good work.

"Fixed" 2010 from Jeffrey Thompson on Vimeo.

[Song of the Week] Subdue - Horizon (Révolte remix)

It's Friday (not the Rebecca Black one), the real Friday, the beginning of the weekend Friday, so that means it's "Song of the Week" time on Officialhype! This week's gem is Révolte's remix for the song Horizon by Subdue. It's great, a bit Justice-like, but that's a good thing. Great remix, great song, great way to start partying your way through the weekend. Check it out!!!


You can get this remix March 21st on beatport!

[Music video] SebastiAn - Embody

Ha, this is a great, funny video. Directed by So Me of EdBangerRecords, the video follows an enthousiastic kid dancing in all places possible. At first, you're wondering what the hell is going on but there's a great twist at the end! Check it out!

Source: Annie Mac

[News] valued at $25 billion

The social shopping site which "connects consumers to local deals" has turned down a takeover offer from Google...that offer was $6 billion...they turned down $6 BILLION. Reports are coming out that Groupon is in talks with Goldman Sachs "about a possible initial public offering that could value the company at close to $25 billion".

Andrew Mason, founder & CEO of

The company had 124 employees in December 09, they're now close to 5,900 employees. The site has over 70 million users in 500 markets.  The site has been profitable since June 2009. Andrew Mason, your life will be forever lived in wealth.

Source and for more info: NY Times

Thursday, March 17, 2011

[Music] Travis Barker - Can a Drummer get some remix (ft. Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, The Game & Rick Ross)

Title is self explanatory, honestly not feeling Travis' new album but this remix features some titans in the rap game. Wayne, Game and Rick Ross, yeah, you're going to listen. Check it out!

[Video] OFWGKTA performs at MTVU Woodie Awards

The most talked about rap group performed at the MTVU Woodie awards last night. They performed "Yonkers" and "Sandwiches". Those guys are crazy. SWAG. Yeah, the video is mirrored to avoid copyright infringement.

[Photos] "Quentin vs Coen" art exhibit

This is dope, if you're in the NYC area, make sure to check out the Bold Hype Gallery from April 7th to April 9th 2011. A tribute to the work of film directors Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, works from over 100 artists will be on display where they "reinterpret their favorite scenes, characters and films from the heralded directors". There's no restrictions so the artists can do whatever the hell they want. This is a follow up to last year's "Bad Dads" show, which was a tribute to Wes Anderson films. The show is presented by Spoke Art. Check out some of the pieces for this year's exhibit.

Brandon Schaefer

Dave Perillo

Jason Levesque - "Mia Wallace"


Greg Gossel

Check out: Spoke Art
Source: Hypebeast

[Music video] The Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

The Black Eyed Peas, one of the world's biggest musical acts (not sure if deserved) released the video for their new single "Just Can't Get Enough" yesterday. The shit is terrible but the video was entirely filmed in Japan ONE WEEK BEFORE the tsunami/earthquake. Pretty crazy...they encourage you to donate and help the Japanese people so that's a good thing.

Japan related news: Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for Japan efforts, putting other celebrities to shame.

[Video] Adult Swim bumps by Cyriak

If you watch [Adult Swim], you should be familiar with their "bumps", where they interrupt commercial breaks or on-air programming with some random sketches, animation and jokes. This is the network that brought shows such as The Boondocks, Tim and Eric Awesome Show!, Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force so you can expect to see some unusual stuff. [Adult Swim] teamed up with british animator "Cyriak" to create a set of bumps. You can automatically see his style. Check em out!

Also check out Cyriak's website to see more of his work
Source: buzzfeed

[Music] Jack Beats - All night (Skream remix)

Wow, three "Skream" posts in three days, the dude's been busy. Just minutes ago, Jack Beats released on their facebook page an exclusive remix by Skream for their single "All night". Here it is.

Check out Jack Beats' facebook page, where you can also listen the track. (seems to be the only place)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[News] Iphone times square video is fake, promotion for the movie "Limitless"

In the last couple of days, the "how to hack video screens on times square" video has exploded on the internet, where a guy shows us (the viewer) how to hack the screens in Times Square so you can put your own personal videos from your iphone. When I saw it, I was very relunctant to post it because even though it was really hyped up, I knew it was a viral campaign for something, just didn't know what. Turns out the video is a viral promotion for the soon to be released film "Limitless". Here's the "times square hack video".

The guys who created this video are James Percelay and Michael Krivicka, they founded the viral marketing company called "Thinkmodo". This is a great idea, viral videos are extremely important nowadays for companies looking to promote their brand/product. However, as more of these viral videos are seen and produced, it's much easier to detect if it's fake because of the obvious product placement or mention.

This isn't the first time they've made a viral video, they are the creators behind the "shaving helmet" video (it fooled me when I saw it), a video for Headblade, a shaving product that fits on your fingers(you see it in the video from 0:53-1:00).

These guys are good, it's genius to never mention the name of the product or the brand, heck to even barely give a clue. As it gathers attention, the leak will come out and then you have a successful viral video/ad campaign. This is the future of advertising.

Source: To read more about it, check out The New York Times

[Music] Snippets for tracks coming out on Marble!

Unfortunately, Institubes had to shut down their business, it lasted roughly eight years and gave the world alot of great electronic music. Now, fortunately for us, the listeners, most of the artists on that label are going to be on Marble, a new label founded by Bobmo, Para One and Surkin. So here's a preview/mashup of songs that are coming out on Marble. The artists included are Surkin, Para One, Bobmo, Teki Latex, Myd, Das Glow and Canblaster. Enjoy!

Introducing Marble by Marble Music

[Music video] Ace Hood - Hustle hard

Damn, I don't recall ever seeing a rap video like this one. The execution is on point, looks good, looks smooth. Beat is good too. Ace Hood is signed to DJ Khaled's "We the Best Music Group", which is distributed through Dej Jam Recordings.

Source: worldstarhiphop

[Music] Six leaked tracks for Tron: R3CONFIGUR3D (Kaskade, Paul Oakenfold, Japanese Popstars)

I'm searching for Boys Noize remix of  "End of line" that got played on Annie Mac last week and I get a hell of a lot more. Six leaked tracks from the upcoming Tron: R3CONFIGUR3D album on youtube. Check em out, these are most probably going to be removed.

[Music] Thom Yorke x Burial x Four Tet - Mirror & Ego

Radiohead's frontman Thom Yorke has joined "electronic virtuoso "Four Tet" and dubstep pioneer "Burial" on a new joint 12" single, following his most recent collaborations with producers like "Flying Lotus and "Modeselektor". The tracks "Ego" and "Mirror" were premiered on U.K.'s Rinse FM station". 

It's Thom Yorke, so it's hype, it's going to get listens but to be honest...not really feeling this.

Thom Yorke - Ego by Nerdo TV

Thom Yorke - Mirror by Nerdo TV

Source: Prettymuchamazing

[Video] Harmony Korine's "Umshini Wam" starring Die Antwoord

Here's the short film directed by Harmony Korine ("Kids", "Gummo", "Mister Lonely", "Trash Humpers") starring Ninja and Yo-Landi from the rap group "Die Antwoord". It's a Harmony Korine film, expect to see some weird things. This wasn't as weird or disturbing as "Trash Humpers" though. It's about two South African gangsters who roll around in wheelchairs, play basketball, wear yellow and pink flully outfits and shoot guns. It's fifteen minutes long and it's pretty good. Check it out!

[Music] Skream's remix for Miles Kane's "Rearrange"

More new stuff from Skream, yesterday was his teaser/preview for "Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum" ft. Trim. Today is Skream's remix for "Rearrange" by Miles Kane. He didn't change the guitars or Miles' voice but it still sounds very much like Skream...good.

Rearrange (Skreamix) by The FADER

Source: thefader

[Video] Adidas is all in ad!!!

Finally, IT'S FINALLY HERE and I'm most definitely expecting some more things to pop up later today! Here's the 60 second ad for Adidas' "Adidas is all in" ad campaign. We finally get to hear Justice's new single "Civilization" which is coming out April 4th! Classic stuff!

UPDATED: :120 seconds version!

:60 seconds version

Here's also a 30 second ad focusing more on Argentina's FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

And here's one for the Chicago Bulls' young superstar poing guard Derrick Rose!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Video] History of title design

Hahah this is dope! If you're a tv/movie buff you'll most definitely find this entertaining. Great to see the evolution of title design through the years, great editing by Ian Albinson. It was obvious that "Enter the Void"'s title was going to be in there, one of the greatest movie intros I've ever seen. This video was the presentation video for the SXSW "Excellence in Title Design" competition screening.

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Check out Artofthetitle

[Music] Lady Gaga - Born this way (Twin Shadow remix)

Here's Twin Shadow's remix for Gaga's "Born this way". It's got a very disco feel to it. I'm not crazy for it but neither am I for the original version aswell. Here it is.

Source: PMA

[Videos] Short films by CRCR

Juxtapoz Magazine brought to our attention these amazing short videos by CRCR. They are amazing, some are only animation, others use stop-motion, live action and animation all in one. The sound editing is also fantastic. Amazing work.

TODOR & PETRU from CRCR on Vimeo.

Junkspace from CRCR on Vimeo.

Jesus2000 dates from two years ago but still great nonetheless!

JESUS2000 from CRCR on Vimeo.

You can also see more of their videos on their vimeo page.
crcr's website

[Music] Teaser for Skream ft. Trim - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Here it is, just released this afternoon in London. A preview/teaser for Skream's collaboration with grime Mc Trime entitled Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum.

Skream ft Trim - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (TEASER) by SKREAMIZM

Source: factmag

[Music] The Strokes new album "Angles" full stream

The Strokes released on their website a full stream for their upcoming album entitled "Angles". Sounds pretty good! You can buy their new album on March 22 2011. Check it out!

[Music] All of the five second Adidas previews into one!

As mentionned yesterday, tomorrow is the big launch date for the greatest ad campaign in sports apparel history. And if you checked out Adidas' youtube page, they have plenty of 5 second previews for their campaign. Here's a videorip/mashup of all those previews put into one. So maybe we can get a feel for Justice's new single "Civilization" coming out digitally on April 4th 2011.

Justice - Civilization (Video RIP) by stopthenoise

Source: Hypebeast

[Photos] Street art of OaKoAk

French street artist OaKoAk has got a great style. Contrary to the dark humor/political approach used by Banksy, OaKoAk uses a very light, humorous approach to his street art. Using already existing elements on the street, he turns doorsteps into pianos, rooftop doors into gameboys and cracked walls into Spiderman's websling. We find this dope, as easy and evident as it seems, it takes a very creative mind to come up with most of these pieces.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Our source and if you want to see more photos: Juxtapoz

[Video] Mini's "Carmonica" ad

Here's an awesome ad by MINI in New Zealand. They attached 300 harmonicas on the car and then went for a drive. The ad is fittingly named "Carmonica". Here's the sweet sounding result!

Source: buzzfeed

[Music] 'Beards Again' - MSTRKRFT

Beards again for back again? New stuff from MSTRKRFT, back together for an undefined period. Well, we're happy as fuck for now. Listen and grab the FREE DOWNLOAD, 40MB but 40MB well invested.

MSTRKRFT - BEARDS AGAIN by Undocumented Management

Source: MSTRKRFT's website

Monday, March 14, 2011

[Video] David Lynch to direct Duran Duran webcast

David Lynch will direct Duran Duran's show at the Mayan Theatre (L.A.) on March 23rd. It's going to be streamed live on Duran Duran's vevo. This is part of "American Express Unstaged", a "webcast series that teams up big-name bands with big-name movie directors". This project previously had Terry Gilliam direct Arcade Fire's Madison Square Garden concert and also had Spike Lee direct a The Roots & John Legend show. For those unfamiliar with David Lynch, he directed Eraserhead (1977), The Elephant Man (1980), Blue Velvet(1986) and Mulholland Drive(2001).

Check out the trailer/promo for the Duran Duran show!

Source: Pitchfork

[Music] Deadmau5 - Bleed

Alot of music related news today! Here's a new track by Deadmau5, a calming one. Completely unexpected considering his latest album "4 x 4 =12" was really an energetic, bass driven, house album. This is different.

Deadmau5 - Bleed by fuckmylife

[Music] The Chemical Brothers soundtrack for "Hanna"

The Chemical Brothers released on their Myspace the soundtrack for the upcoming "Hanna" movie directed by Joe Wright. We've already mentionned on officialhype about The Chemical Brothers doing the score for "Hanna". Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

You can stream the soundtrack on their myspace and if you like it you can also buy it!

Source: URB

[Music] Kanye West - All of the lights remix (Ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake)

More Kanye news for today! Here's the remix for "All of the lights" with Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Drake. Sounds DOPE!!!

Original source : Nah Right

More "Justice" news + preview Adidas ad

This wednesday, March 16th 2011, Adidas will be releasing their new ad campaign, their biggest yet, combining Sport and Music. The ad directed by Romain Gavras will feature excerpts from the upcoming Justice single "Civilization". Romain Gavras and Justice have teamed up before, Gavras directed the Justice documentary " A CROSS THE UNIVERSE". Justice's new album will come out by the end of 2011. Here's the press release by Ed Banger Records (in french).

Here is a 15 second preview by Adidas! LOOKS FANTASTIC!

For more of these previews, check out Adidas' youtube page
Click here to view the artwork for "Civilization"
Source for press release: KCNV

[Video] Kanye West @ Vevo Powerstation promo

Dope promo by Screenwerks for Kanye West's performance on March 19th at the Vevo PowerStation in Austin, TX at the SXSW festival! If you're in the area, check it out!

Kanye West | Vevo PowerStation from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

[Music] Sound of Stereo - Hurricane

Sound of Stereo have officially released their new EP "Hurricane" today. It contains two tracks entitled "Hurricane" and "Typhoon". Sounds great! It's been played by "Steve Aoki, Brodinski, Djedjotronic, MSTRKRFT, Boris Dlugosch, Congorock, Bart B More, Boys Noize, Mixhell, Don Rimini, Andy George (BBC Radio 1) and many many more!"

Sound Of Stereo - Hurricane EP (preview) by lektroluvrecords

You can buy it on Itunes and Beatport

Source: KCNV

Album cover, tracklisting for Beastie Boy's upcoming new album

Beastie Boys released on their website  the album cover and release date for their upcoming album "Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2", to be released on Tuesday, May 3rd 2011.

Pitchfork also gave the tracklist of the album.

01 Tadlock's Glasses
02 B-Boy's in the Cut
03 Make Some Noise
04 Nonstop Disco Powerpack
05 OK
06 Too Many Rappers ft. Nas
07 Say It
08 The Bill Harper Collection
09 Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win ft. Santigold
10 Long Burn The Fire
11 Funky Donkey
12 Lee Majors Come Again
13 Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
14 Pop Your Balloon
15 Crazy Ass Shit
16 Here's a Little Something For Ya

[Video] B.o.B - Dr. Aden

New music video by B.o.B from his "No genre" mixtape. B.o.B is a pretty good story teller, the video is allright, visualizing the lyrics to his song, which is about government conspiracies in the field of medecine, a rare topic to say the least! Check it out!

You can follow B.o.B on twitter
Source: Hypetrak

Scenes from the Suburbs - Spike Jonze

Finally, the trailer for Spike Jonze's short film "Scenes from the Suburbs" is out! The video for Arcade's fire The Suburbs were images from this upcoming short film and many people didn't understand the video because there wasn't any context or explanation. All of that is going to be explained soon with the release on dvd of this film! Check out the trailer!

[Video] 'Tricky Two' - Royksopp

We already posted the winner for Royksopp's Drug video. And now, we have Tricky Two's video competition winner sending us his video. Watched, loved, posted. As weird as the video may look, it seems like it was made for the song. It's different and we love different. Awesome work there.

Be sure to check his Vimeo page: Jimmy Ahlander.

[Music] 'Twisted' - Oddity

Hmmm Slow sunday. I think it's of circumstance to put a Japanese DJ to brighten today's mood with all the gloomy news. Support Japan with by contributing to the Redcross.

Oddity - Twisted (Original Mix) by Den Haku Tokyo

Source: Earmilk

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making train seats stand out

An Ishknits artist "yarn bombed" a couple of train wagons in Philadelphia. It's a cool thing to do, especially for daily commuters where daily routines can become so boring. It's things like this that make life more exciting, fun and in some ways appreciative. I've said it before on this blog and I'll say it again. Artists make cities and give them their own personnalities, culture and vibe.




You can check out more photos on StreetsDept's flickr and their website
Source: Juxtapoz